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We invite you to join us as we launch I AM WOMAN Dragons

This initiative has been started to enable women to gain:

- access to entrepreneurial seed funding
- access to entrepreneurial training and mentoring support
- access to the right people at the right time in your business

6pm Cocktail & Canape Networking Reception

Network and Connect with Like-Minded Entrepreneurial Women 

7pm Introductions & Speed Networking

Network with women who can help you take that step-up in your business

7.45pm Sammy - Blindell - Brand Builders Club

How To Build A Brand!

Sammy Blindell a multi award winning international speaker, multiple best selling author, and behind How To Build A Brand and The Brand Builders Club, the world’s most recommended support network for entrepreneurs to brand, build & expand their purpose driven businesses globally.

Her most recent business, founded in April 2019 is called ‘One Drop Movement’, which is first and foremost a Global movement to unite all entrepreneurial communities around the world - it is an angel investment company specialising in social impact ‘Ideas Worth Funding’.

Sammy has been featured on BBC News, BBC Radio, BBC World News, SKY News and Radio 5Live and interviewed by the top entrepreneurial newspapers Sunday Times, The Guardian , The Daily Telegraph, Forbes, Virgin Start Up and The Observer.

8.00pm Rachel Bedgood - Patron of I AM WOMAN Dragons

How I Unlocked My Financial Power & How You Can Too!

CBS began from very humble beginnings, when Rachel decided to create a business which would provide background screening services to individuals and organisations across the UK. Her start-up funding requirements were also humble, as Rachel rented a small converted retail area out of town.   However, even with relatively low overheads every start-up needs extra help but being young, inexperienced and trying to create a niche business, Rachel found it impossible to access start-up funding.

By being introduced to the right people, Rachel quickly learned that a little blackbook of contacts was worth a great deal more than a nominal start up grant.

Rachel saw an opportunity to leverage her business strengths against her business’s weaknesses.  She quickly identified that excelling in customer service and client satisfaction was only a short term fix but if CBS wanted to quickly scale up then it needed to be smart with technology and lead from the front.  CBS created an exclusive partnership  with a local software house who stood as equal partners with CBS to take the risk and reward of their businesses success.

She then set out to become an expert within her field, and despite limited business or industry knowledge, through sheer drive and determination she knew she would make something exceptional.

Business started trading from a converted retail shop in a small village in the heart of the South Wales Valleys, unemployment was at an all-time high and Rachel’s ex-mining community was desperate for regeneration. That’s where CBS could help. The first few years were difficult, but she managed to bring on new customers through exceptional customer service and innovative system designs. And as the client base grew so did the staff force.

It was vitally important to Rachel that the area which had initially supported her business should reap the rewards. With this in mind, Rachel makes sure staff within CBS are handpicked from the local community and all services and supplies are sourced locally wherever possible. Trading with a social conscience was and still is a vital requirement for the business and CBS continues to reap the rewards from hard-working, dedicated staff who work closely with all clients to ensure CBS provides an unbeatable service.

Today, CBS is now a multi-million, multi-award winning company and one of the largest pre-employment screening and DBS check providers in the UK. They strive to keep overheads low and customer services outstanding, and believe these are just a few reasons why CBS is the first choice for many people looking for background screening checks from across the UK.

8.30pm Cheryl Bass - How To Slay A Dragon!

How To Successfully Access Our I AM WOMAN Dragons 

Cheryl Bass, The business expert, has spent over 27 years leading national and international businesses at the highest level, putting her in a unique position to deal with contemporary business challenges.

Her mix of vast experience allied with an accomplished ability to make business simple and her infectious enthusiasm and energy has inspired global audiences to seek Cheryl’s advice to achieve immediate, yet sustainable business and personal growth.

One of the 100 brilliant women in Britain for two years running and Speaker and Trainer of the Year 2012, Cheryl Bass is Managing Director of I AM WOMAN, a global network of women who are passionate to help other women grow in business that she founded in Cardiff in 2010.

9.00 Close & Networking in the Bar

Enjoy meeting our speakers, networking & building new business relationships.


Women only access 1% of Venture Capital Funding


Men successfully access 99% of Venture Capital Funding


When teams consist of women. The team only access 10% of Venture Capital Funding

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Unlock Your Financial Power!

Women live longer than men, but earn less.

This not only impacts on women pre-retirement, but post retirement because they have invested the same percentage of a lesser amount.

Women are projected to have 25% lower income on average than men in their first year of retirement.

(Issued by Financial Administration Services Limited, authorised
and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority)

Women live longer and earn less. We dedicate time away from
our careers for our families, raising children, or caring for ageing or sick
relatives. We make these choices not always because it is what we want
to do, but because it is what has to be done. However, few of us realise
the impact of these decisions on our financial power.

According to ONS data, the average man working full time earns an average of £718 per week. By comparison, we earn £578 per week. The knock-on impact is that our average pension pot, including both workplace and personal pensions, is £5,600 less than the average man’s. That’s £28,900 compared to the average man’s pension pot worth £34,500.7.