I AM WOMAN Signature Programme


your business life guide to help you manifest your entrepreneurial magic


An Eight Week Series of Game Changing Master Classes

Starting or growing a business and looking to develop or increase your entrepreneurial magic?

It's a powerful series of game changing master classes which will transform how you see yourself, your past experiences and the potential of your business to quickly become profitable and scale-up!

ASPIRE will equip you with the 'how' to start and develop your business, your own business or if your in a leadership role.

Your business will only grow as fast as you do, ASPIRE will help develop you, alongside the development of your business. You will have the opportunity to address sabotages that could be holding you back from achieving entrepreneurial success. You will quickly feel more passionate, creative, in control, feeling your working on purpose, doing the right things, thinking the right thoughts, clear about your chosen identity, more skilful, a sense of peace and harmony and in entrepreneurial flow.

You will learn how to use a tool-kit of tried and tested business development tools that can be put to work straight away, enabling you to concentrate on transforming your business and to start financially benefiting from the changes you start making immediately. 

Through the eight weeks you will develop your very own Blue Print to Success that will be a culmination of your business aspirations, organised in a manageable way, enabling you to step into the drivers seat of knowing how your goals will be manifested in your life. You will be taught the daily practices you need to embrace to visualise your aspired outcomes and to co-create their showing up in your life and business.

A maximum of eight participants per ASPIRE group enables an intimate environment, where everyone can be seen, heard and focused upon in direct and challenging ways to ensure a 'shift' happens, with accountability with one another to get and stay on-track.

This programme can be taken online or off-line, supported by a live forum and a host of online and offline resources.

You will enjoy learning in a small intimate environment alongside other supportive women eager for you to succeed.

Here are some of our past results from other women taking part in ASPIRE:

Immediate business growth
Greater clarity & focus in what they should be doing to scale up their businesses.
New skills and capabilities how to run their businesses.
Tools to use to immediately help manage business growth including business, marketing, people, digital marketing and operational plans.
Business expansion into new markets and new product areas.

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1. Before You Abuse, Criticise & Acuse - Try Walking A Mile In My Shoes!

This Master Class will transform how you feel, think and take you and your business forward building and benefiting from your walk in your shoes. Your might feel a victim in your past, but your future is in your shoes!

How we make sense of our environment, our history, experiences and the choices we made in the stories we tell ourselves and others can build us up or break us down, project us as a winner or looser. Discover how your story can help you redefine your success.

This Master Class will help you to redefine your past, navigate your path, define your passion and purpose, rewrite your story, You will learn the 'how' to attract and manifest your business vision, values and personal legend.


2. Believe It To Achieve It!

Whether you believe you can or you can't you will make it so! To manifest your business aspirations you will need to believe what you want to be and move beyond striving to thriving. Discover your I AM to fulfil your highest wishes in your life.


3. What Successful Entrepreneurs Do!

Successful entrepreneurs make connections, solve problems, and create new things that no one has thought of before. They take time to discover the goals that inspire them. Discover the essential "doings" in your business that could catapult your success. 

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4.Change Your Thoughts - Change your Life!

What you think about - you become! Learn how to attract profitability into your life. Discover how entrepreneurs think to attract and manifest their business opportunities and goals. Begin your journey of envisioning and co-creating your top game.


5. Stand Out - Brand Your Magic!

Discover how to unravel the mystery of your brand magic. Step into the power of being uniquely you. Feel confident Learn how uncovering your brand strategy and how you intend to communicate your brand to attract more customers online and offline.

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6. Stay Polished - Sharpen Your Saw!

Writing with a blunt pencil? Time to develop the skills and capabilities your business needs to upscale and attract what you desire? Realign your purpose, dreams and wishes and equip all that we are, with all that we need, to be who we desire to be.


7. Create Your Blue Print To Success!

Develop your blue print of effective daily habits that instil the necessary patterns of behaviour to assist you along your journey towards your goals and objectives. Learn how to seamlessly conduct your business and take take full advantage of hidden opportunities.


8. Playing & Staying At The Top of Your Game

Learn how to playing to stay at the top of your game?
Discover how to review, evaluate and keep your finger on the pulse of your success.
Uncover the 'how' of recycling you, your business, challenges, lessons learnt, mistakes, roadblocks, broken heals and hearts?