“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”



Your businesses will only grow as fast as you do!

We have spent over a decade helping women just like you to become more potent, powerful and profitable starting and expanding their businesses.

ASPIRE is built upon award winning research.

You will quickly acquire the insight, knowledge, skills, resources, role models, inspiration and motivation you need to boost your confidence and profits via our Eight Step ASPIRE Programme endorsed at L5 by The Institute of Leadership & Management.

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ASPIRE Eight Steps to Prosperity Prog.

The ASPIRE programme has been creatively designed to help you achieve rapid results in your personal and business growth, delivered over eight consecutive Monday mornings.

The learning has been tried and tested and has already achieved pretty awesome results. It's backed up with leading edge resources online and offline and a highly interactive Facebook Group. You can join us online, in person or a mixture of both.

You will see immediate personal insights alongside measurable business growth and profitability!

Institute of Leadership & Management

The Institute of Leadership & Management has endorsed the I AM WOMAN ASPIRE Programme of learning at L5.

As an I AM WOMAN Member you can partake in ASPIRE, and become a Student Member of The Institute of Leadership & Management .

Upon successful completion of ASPIRE you can upgrade for free to a Full Member because of the robust L5 endorsement for no extra charge  (normally £150.00) and access full membership benefits and use after your name

Institute of Leadership & Management Membership


We give you this, and more, when you become a member

With our research and expert knowledge, we will open your eyes to new and evolving areas of leadership and boost your confidence as a leader, giving you that edge to stand out from the crowd and get ahead in your career.

  • Identity your knowledge gaps with MyLeadership – our award-winning e-learning tool

  • Recognition of your talent with prestigious letters after your name

  • Develop your skills with 1000’s of learning resources

  • Network with like minded people - a community of over 30,000 leaders

  • Thought leadership driven by research

  • Exclusive, weekly webinars and events

  • Keep informed of current issues and best practice with EDGE journal

  • Over 70 years of leadership expertise

  • Savings on Professional Indemnity Insurance


I AM WOMAN Learning

In I AM WOMAN you will be learning alongside like-minded women, who you will quickly bond with and develop ongoing deep meaningful friendships with.

Our learners genuinely care about each other success, which means that everyone grows walking alongside each other.

We all resonate and benefit from listening to each others mistakes, story's, hang-ups, sabotages, successes and working together to find shared solutions to personal and business growth.


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