Join our I AM WOMAN 2020 Challenge!

Are you eager to sell what you do online?

Could 2020 be the year you step-up and expand how you sell online?

Want to learn new online selling skills alongside like-minded women?

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

I AM WOMAN 2020 Challenge

Are you a woman in business or a female entrepreneur starting or expanding your business?

Recognised that doing business online offers you more time and financial freedom?

You have a website, do social media but now recognise  you need to join up your dots to make more money online?

Is 2020 the year you want to hit a turnover of £220k or beyond?

We invite you to enrol in our free 8 week programme starting Wednesday Jan 22nd 6-9pm 2020

Week-by-week we walk you through everything you need to know to get you targeting a £220k turnover in 2020.

During the programme delivery and for the whole of 2020 we will be supporting you via an active Facebook support group so we can answer your questions and keep our finger on your pulse of online financial growth.

  • This programme is only open to 10 people.
  • You will be a fully paid up member of I AM WOMAN and an I AM WOMAN ASPIRE Graduate.
  • You will have an existing understanding of online selling.
  • You will have a desire to build/rebuild your website to integrate online sales tools.
  • You will already have products ready to sell online.

This programme is free to join.

All we ask is for £5.00 p.w. towards refreshments and room hire. At the end of the programme any unspent cash will be put towards a celebratory meal out.

If you miss this programme, we will be running another one starting 6pm March 18th 2020 for ten women, same terms above will apply.


Want to join?

Is 2020 the year you would like to generate £220k from online sales?

You might have a website, but you are currently not joining up your dots to generate online sales.

You are an existing I AM WOMAN Member and will commit to attending our eight consecutive week programme.

You'll be an ASPIRE Grad.

We will want our participants to have already gone through our ASPIRE programme, to ensure they are ready to sell online.

You will be clear as to what the potential of your business capabilities are online, what your products are and how you intend to deliver what you do to your target customers.

You'll want to hit £220k +

This is not a passive programme for those just wanting to learn to sell online.

We are passionately interested in working with women who have the drive, initiative and an investment of time to build an online selling platform and who want to develop their business via selling more of what they do online.

Week 1:

Domain Names, Hosting, Websites, Competitor Reviews, Google Analytics.

Week 2:

Landing Pages, Email marketing, Online Shops, SEO, Blog Posts, Social Media & Blog Posting Collaborations.

Week 3:

Payment Systems and Order Handling.

Week 4:

Online Selling Schemes

Week 5:

Building and Expanding Your Online Products and Online Shop, Online Learning Programmes, Woo Commerce and ETSI.

Week 6:

Membership and Affiliate Schemes.

Week 7:

Videos and Social Media Content and Platforms.

Week 8:

Parallel Marketing, Affiliate Links, Up-selling and Group Sharing.

Join our I AM WOMAN 2020 Challenge!

During and after taking part in the I AM WOMAN 2020 Challenge you will be part of a Facebook Group enjoying ongoing support and weekly live check-ins.

We will be eager to support you to achieve an online uplift in sales of £220k in 2020.